JIM: Meet Up – Team Up – Scale Up

The most successful companies of today are being determined by their dynamics, scalability and creative business models. Traditional protected innovation has been replaced by open chain innovation, cooperation takes place in changing and temporary communities or platforms. Incubators, hotspots and hubs are much more than conventional company buildings, these are places where innovation ignites. Jaarbeurs has created such a co-working space with JIM (Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile), especially for innovators which are active on the topics “urban living”, “smart sustainable environment” and “life sciences & health”.

Why these topics?

Utrecht has achieved a renowned position worldwide as knowledge, innovation and business hub on the topics “urban living”, “smart sustainable environment” and “life sciences & health”. Topics which are essential for the urban, smart, healthy and green society of the future. To stimulate innovation, JIM creates a playground which encourages the exchange of knowledge, facilitates the creation of multidisciplinary insights, unexpected and original concepts and launches of innovative products. 

Who calls JIM home?

JIM is home for established corporates, serious scale-ups and start-ups, renowned educational and knowledge institutions, innovative governments and synergetic consortia. All in all, everybody who wants to work together in a stimulating and dynamic environment situated in an open ecosystem, to achieve promising initiatives, new product-market combinations

MeetUp – TeamUp – Scale-Up

JIM is an open space which is designed to stimulate sharing knowledge and thinking outside of the box. An inspiring environment where innovators meet, work in a flexible and dynamic co-working space (together or alone), start new projects and partnerships, with clients, field professionals and corporates.

A unique proposition which supports scaling up when desired: MeetUp, TeamUp, Scale-Up.

What is the principle of JIM?

At JIM not the physical space, but connectivity is paramount. At JIM we prefer to think in activity based zones and added value instead of square meters. Of course we facilitate personalized working spaces, flex desks, demo spaces and open meeting spaces will be constructed. But space itself is not the principle. All revolves around creating an environment that prioritizes connectivity and interaction, a place where smart combinations of creativity, technique and business will arise undisturbed.

JIM as soil for new – commercial - successes,  where flexibility and modularity are key and the space is designed to cater to the needs of the JIM’ers.

Why JIM?

Why Jaarbeurs chooses for an initiative as JIM? Because it is in our DNA to connect consumers and companies to enhance business. We are pioneers and want to be the first to try new initiatives to maintain this position towards entrepreneurs and researchers. We are situated in an unique traffic location with millions of visitors (Jaarbeurs fairs) and 88 million travellers (Utrecht Central Station) a year. A perfect context for trial and error and cultivation of knowledge. On top of all this, we offer the perfect stage with our remaining facilities to present the new initiatives to the masses via conferences, gatherings, meetings and events.

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